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Windows Azure Platform PHP Coding Samples


Provided by Soyatec are PHP Sample code for checking out the various features of the Windows Azure platform.

Using Windows Azure SDK for PHP, these PHP samples show how PHP developers can take advantage of the Microsoft Cloud Services Platform - Windows Azure. Provided are samples for Windows Azure Blobs, Tables and Queues storage services.

Also include are PHP samples for SQL Azure and Windows Azure Cloud Drives (X-Drives).

PHP Sample Code Files

PHP example code added to WebRole directory are:
  • BlobSample.php - Accesses Windows Azure Blob service within Development Storage.
  • index.php - Default document.
  • SampleEntity.php - Windows Azure Table entity definition used by TableSample.php.
  • SQLAzureSample.php - Accesses SQL Azure within Windows Azure cloud. NOTE: This PHP file requires modifying by adding user's SQL Azure account information.
  • TableSample.php - Accesses Windows Azure Table service within Development Storage.
  • Web.config - Declares index.php as default document.
  • WindowsAzure.jpg - Use by BlobSample.php for storaging as a blob.
  • XDrives.php - Using Windows Azure Cloud Drives, work with mounted X-Drives within Development Storage.

Install PHP Sample Code

The following links will install PHP Sample Code into this Program Files directory:

C:\Program Files\Windows Azure Platform Tools for PHP\Samples v1.0

For x86 Hosts
PHP Samples x86 Install

For x64 Hosts
PHP Samples x64 Install

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